Sleepydog Brewery in Tempe, AZ is running a Groupon promotion for it’s tasting room. For $32 you get beer tasting for two with glasses and a 64 ounce growler from the brewery

Digging deeper into the details here’s what you get for the $32

  • 2 flights of 4 ounce beer samples
  • 1 64 ounce souvenir growler filled with the sleepy dog brew of your choice
  • two logo glasses

This is a great deal when you break it down

  • Just the beer alone to fill the growler runs between $12-18 depending on the beer
  • A new growler is about the same price $12-18
  • 2 Beer glasses runs about $5-10 bucks
  • You get to sample all the beers then decide which one you want to take home in a growler

Sleepy Dog Brewery Phoenix Deal of the Day | Groupon Phoenix.

Image Credits: Groupon

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