It get’s hot in Phoenix really hot and one of the problems with wine in the desert is making sure your prized wines are stored at the proper temperature.

Just keeping wine in your house during the summer can subject is to temperatures ranging from 70 to over 100 degrees.

You can invest in wine coolers but when your collection starts to swell into several cases where do you put all this wine and relax knowing that it might get ruined if you go on vacation in July and decide to leave the A/C in the house off

  1. Temperature, Light, Humidity and Stacking all play a part in wine storage
  2. Temperature generally between 45 to 65 degrees
  3. Light probably Arizona’s biggest enemy can degrade and age wine prematurely this can be direct sunlight even fluorescent bulbs
  4. Humidity should be between 50 to 80 percent average humidity in Phoenix is 9%
  5. Stacking varies from bottles on their side to storing in boxes

Today we look at two local wine storage solution for the Phoenix Area

Recently Allstate Self Storage in Phoenix announced a wine storage solution that has some unique twists that makes then stand out.

Some of the features of their wine storage solution are

  • Computer Controlled Gated Access
  • Digital Surveillance
  • Web Accessible Camera Monitor Tempature
  • Wine Sizes sized from 3’X3’X4′ to 3’X3’X8′

What interested me in this solution was the web access monitoring. From a browser you view actual readings and set point from the wine cellar at the storage facility. While it seems gimmicky it’s about peace of mind and showing off to your friends that your wine is safe and temperature controlled.

Pricing changes but a recent call indicated $61.56 for a 3’x3’x4′ and the 3’x’3×8′ was currently sold out


The next facility is Desert Wine Storage

blkmtn5_2This is a bit different it features a drive in facility where you drive up to your locker and can access your wines. Each unit is also individually alarmed for your convenience

The other features are mostly the same with temperature and humidity controls. They also feature their own wine shipping and storage supply center where you can find supplies ranging from shipping one bottle to several cases. In addition to shipping supplies they also off shelving and just like Uhaul they offer a buy back guarantee on any unused boxes or unopened packing supplies



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 Current pricing was $139.00 a month for a 22 case locker and $179 for 44 cases. Other locations feature slightly different configurations such as a 14 case locker which was running for $99

It appears wine storage space is tight in phoenix as both places i called indicated they were near capacity

Desert Wine Storage can be reached at 480-447-3903 for it’s Scottsdale rd and Grayhawk location for other location check their website

Allstate Self Storage can be reached at 602-620-9988

Image Credits: Desert Wine Storage

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