This is the perfect device for sampling one of your prized wines for friends and family without really opening it.

It’s one part surgery and one part wine opener. The wine opener has been replaced with a tiny hollow surgical needle. when you push the needle into the wine bottle it releases a small dose or argon gas into the bottle. The argon is pressurized allowing the wine to travel up the needle into a glass. Oxygen never touches the wine. when your done the cork fills up the tiny hole naturally no air has penerated or been exposed to the wine during the short process. This allows your wine to stay safe for weeks, months even years

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To pour a glass, a user places the Coravin on top of a bottle, pushing its hollow 2mm-thick needle through the cork. A capsule then releases argon, an inert nonpoisonous gas, into the bottle. The pressure forces out the wine. In all, it takes about 20 seconds per pour; when the needle is removed, the cork reseals itself.

via Surgical Needle That Sucks Wine From Bottle Without Removing Cork | Popular Science.

Image Credits: Coravin Wine Access System Brian Klutch

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