Kief-Joshua Vineyards in Elgin, Arizona offers a variety of optional private tastings and tours all hosted by the winemaker for a more personal and information tasting experience

1. Wine Savvy- $20 per person

This in depth tasting walks guests through six wines and covers many wine related topics. This is the perfect opportunity to interact with the winemaker and ask questions about all the different aspects of wine making and differences between the many different wine styles

2. Wine Sense $25 per person

Experience and become familiar with 12 fresh aromas that are present inĀ  the different varietls used in both the wine making and barrel aged process. These tasting are different and unique as they test “smell memory” Visitors will first familiarizeĀ  themselves with the various scents and then try to identify the different aromas . Wine Sense hopes to be a fun and stimulating experience

3. Wine Tasting 101 $25 per person

Become an expert wine taster with instruction from the winemaker. This program is designed to teach wine drinkers all the proper techniques of wine tasting

4. Simply Food and Wine $60 per person

This tasting features a tasting highlighting Kief-Joshua Vineyards and how the wines pair with local Arizona cuisine

Kief-Joshua Private Tastingsby Jason Laveglia | Arizona Wine Press

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