What is a flavor bomb and what is it doing in my beer?

Grand Canyon Brewery has released Hop Bomber IPA and two other beers Coffee Stout and Shaggy Bock seasonal lager with an added attraction a flavor bomb. A flavor bomb is a tiny plastic vessel stuffed with additional ingredients that is inserted into the beer to add additional flavors

Ingredients include wood chips, cocoa nibs and hops- the thin shape allows for easy insertion into the beer bottle. The technique is basically known as dry hopping which involves adding various ingredients to the beer while its fermenting to increase its aroma. This process with the flavor bomb continues right up until the bottle is opened
The Flavor Bomb | The flavor bomb beer flavoring widget.

The video below shows the process

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Interesting concept certainly a great invention for home brewers I guess the trick is how long you let it ferment to get the desired taste.  While researching the flavor bombs it’s necessary to put the bomb in boiling water before inserting in the beer to kill any bacteria this process could alter the composition and taste of some of the ingredients depending on what is used


Source: Grand Canyon Brewery; Chow Bella; The Flavor Bomb


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