Everyone has a mini market near where they live

It’s the place you get gas or grab some coffee or a bottle of gatorade. The mini market nearest my house has a McDonald’s inside it making it real convenient to stop for either gas, food, aspiring you name it

A growing trend is now to incorporate growler fills into the mini mart gas station concept. 4sons convenience store in Mesa,AZ has started to offer growler fills for there customers recently so I decided to check it out for myself

It’s been over a year since the law changed in Arizona allowing stores licensed to sell beer and wine to also sell tap beer to go in growlers.

I had read about this particular store selling beer in growlers and was interested because there is a 4sons mini market near my house that i stop at almost everyday for one thing or another

When I say I was impressed is a huge understatement I though it would be 3-5 beers on tap tucked in the back of the store where someone would have to go fetch the keys and you would have to wait around till someone could come over and help you

I was wrong this is the centerpiece of the store right in front near the register offering 8 beers on tap half or more of which were local brews

4 sons growler station 2by Jason Laveglia | Arizona Wine Press












The growler is $4.00 to start or you can bring your own but they practically want to give you the growler. On Thursday all growler fills are 4 dollars off (same as Whole Foods Scottsdale) or you can choose to take a growler for free

4sons growler station 5

















In addition to this they will be rotating the taps and offering different beers throughout the year

The offerings when I visited were

1. Four Peaks Kilt Lifter

2. Mudshark Full Moon

3. College St Big Blue Van

4. Historic Piehole Porter

5. Bell’s Two Heatered

6. Papago Orange Blossom

7. Odell India Pale Ale


This 4sons market is located at

1205 W Baseline Rd, Mesa, AZ 85202
Phone:(480) 839-0205

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