Union Wine Co in Oregon has changed the rules for wine tasting an introduced their own wine tasting truck. Union Wine Co does not have a traditional tasting room at their winery so instead of trying to draw people to their winery they decided to bring the wine to the people in the form of a genuine tasting truck. It started with a Classic French 1972 Citroen H van converted into a tasting truck. The redesigned van includes a countertop where customers can order wine. They have attempted to recreate the atmosphere of a small wine tasting area. The truck regularly makes visits to local food truck events creating quite the stir Union Wine Tasting Truck Reception Idea: A wine tasting truck, minus the pretention | Bridal and Wedding Planning Resource for Oregon Weddings | Oregon Bride Magazine.

Image Credits: Photo Credit: Cathy Huygh, Orbridemag.com

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