Arizona Hops and Vines Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting March 2014 at Arizona Hops and Vines. This place is plain fun and relaxed from top to bottom. The art work has a local southwestern feel which is appropriate you are at a family winery but also in southern Arizona near the Mexican border

The winery borders on eclectic instead of crackers it’s potato chips and cheetos instead of boring descriptions for the wines they are fun and playful

I tasted six wines with my favorites being Gracias a Petite Syrah and the Lobbyist a Spicy Zinfadel

1. Ete

A crisp white blend of Symphony (this is a hybrid of both Grenache Gris and Muscat) and Malvasia. This wine begins with subtle hints of peach and apricot followed up by a smokey crispy finish. This wine will pair well with manchego cheese, rosemary chevre and prosciutto. The price is $22 per bottle or $19 case price

2. The Drag Queen

A wine co-fermented with Native Arizona Hops. A wine dressed up like a local beer. Does it taste like a beer or wine? I tasted mostly wine so i wasn’t sure. This pairs nicely with Italian sausage or tacos

3. Unconditional

A Dry Rose/Grenache Blend- a wine with great complexity. This wine starts off with floral notes of rose petals and finishes with crisp green apple and a nice minerality. Pair this wine with chipolte goat cheese, pan fried spam and anything BBQ. $22 per bottles $19 case price

4. Gracias

A petite syrah my favorite wine of the six I tasted. Hints of plum, tobacco with a herbal nose. Pairs well with peppered steak, macaroni and cheese and fondue. This wine is meant to be celebrated with others. $25 per bottle $22 case price

5. The Lobbyist

The spiciest of the bunch- Robust full bodied Zinfandel full of red fruit, spice, pepper and tar. Complex aromas of chocolate, cedar, blackcurrant and cookie dough. Pairs well with lamb and a one night stand. $30 per bottle $27 case price

6. The Fluffer

Think easy going pleasant and open for anything. Made with muscat grapes from New Mexico. Sweet, crisp and fruity. This wine has a lovely nose with sweet floral aromas, tropical fruit flavors and a clean finish. Pairs well with spicy foods makes a wonderful breakfast wine. $25 per bottle and $22 case price

I have two regrets from my wine tasting experience here not buying more wine and not spending more time soaking in the atmosphere

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