Key components of liquor omnibus relevant to the Industry included:

Custom Crush
Beginning in July 2014, a licensed farm winery may enter into a custom crush arrangement where a licensed winery produces or manufactures wine from grapes or other fruit. 

Remote Tasting Rooms
Beginning in July 2014,  a licensed farm winery to operate a two additional tasting and retail premises. Sales at the remote tasting rooms are limited to wine produced or manufactured by the licensee and other licensed farm wineries 

Wine Festival License
Beginning in July 2014, the number of wine festival licenses and the total number of days per winery doubles from 25 licenses for 75 calendars days to 50 licenses for 150 calendar days.

Beginning in July 2014, a Farm Winery licensee may hold a Craft Distillery license on the same premises. The Farm Wine and Craft Distillery may produce and sell spirituous liquor up to 1,000 gallons per calendar year from fruit processed at the winery for the primary purpose of wine-making.

Off-site Tasting
Beginning in July 2014, will allow for up to three liters for off-site sampling consumption provided the brand has not been purchased for resale within the past 12 months.

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