Arizona Liquor Omnibus SB1397 has been sent to the governor for signature and final approval. Many have already read alot into the bill and what it did and what it didn’t do for the Arizona Liquor industry

The Arizona Craft Brewers Guild spent a considerable amount of time and effort lobbying the state to substantially change the rules.

Some of the changes sought included:
1. flexibility for more brewery collaborations
2. ability to sell Arizona wines in their retail shops.
3. increasing the production cap — to 40,000 barrels a year from 20,000

Reading through the final version of the bill it appears the only real change for breweries in the state of arizona was as follows

“Permits beer to be dispensed in a refillable container composed of a material approved by a national sanitation organization, rather than only a glass container”

The States reasoning concerning increasing the barrel cap for licensed breweries in the state from 20,000 to 40,000 is only the top two breweries in the state are near that limit and the other 60-64 breweries are nowhere near producing that much either now or in the foreseeable future

I think the Craft Beer Industry in Arizona expected to much out of this bill it just a short time ago growlers were allowed to be sold in the state and up until last year you couldn’t operate a brewery and a winery under the same ownership

State Liquor Department records list 66 licensed breweries in the state and most of them are nowhere near reaching the current 20,000 barrel cap, Tracy said. (Thunder Canyon produced 2,000 barrels last year, he said.) But the state’s two largest craft brewers — Four Peaks Brewing Co. of Tempe and SanTan Brewing Co. of Chandler — are bumping up against that cap, he said.

via Craft beer guild shoots for the moon, gets the growler.